剪叉式升降机是一种用于提升人员和物料的移动脚手架。平台通过纵横交错的横梁上下移动,横梁以剪刀状移动。剪叉式升降机被 OSHA归类为移动式脚手架工作平台,而不是高空作业平台,因为升降构仅能做垂直移动。

A scissor lift is a mobile scaffold used to raise people and materials. The platform goes up and down using crisscrossed beams that move in a scissor-like way. Scissor lifts are classified by OSHA as mobile-supported scaffold work platforms rather than aerial lifts because the lifting mechanism moves only vertically.


Scissor lifts can help with any task that involves elevated workspaces, including sign hanging, ceiling work, light fixture installation, or maintenance tasks. They are also useful for outdoor projects such as bricklaying, tree trimming, or working on power lines.


This post discusses the ins and outs of scissor lifts, including applications for use, safety measures, and how best to choose one for your needs.


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How High Can a Scissor Lift Go?


What Is a Scissor Lift Used For?


How to Choose a Scissor Lift?


Types of Scissor Lifts


Scissor Lift vs. Boom Lift


Do You Need Certification to Use a Scissor Lift?


Scissor Lift Safety


Need to Buy a Scissor Lift?




How High Can a Scissor Lift Go?


Scissor lifts come in different sizes that can commonly reach from 10 to 52.5 feet off the ground. Compact scissor lift models are lighter but can hold less, while bigger models have less maneuverability but a higher weight capacity. For example, a 40-foot scissor lift can lift up to 705 pounds.


What Is a Scissor Lift Used For?

建筑工地到室内仓库再到电影工作室,各种工作环境都使用高架工作平台 (EWP)。

A variety of work environments make use of elevated work platforms (EWP), from construction sites to indoor warehouses to film studios.


Ceiling Work


Schools, hospitals, hotels, factories, and other buildings with high ceilings often use scissor lifts for elevated tasks. Workers may use the elevated platforms to install or replace overhead lighting, cables, and HVAC pipes. They may also use scissor lifts for painting, constructing, or fixing damage on ceilings or high walls.

Fixing Power Lines


Because they have good stability and safety, scissor lifts often make a great choice for fixing and maintaining power lines. The elevating work platform raises workers and tools up to the power lines, where they can make repairs.

Hanging Signs


Scissor lifts can help workers hang indoor and outdoor signage. Construction worksites may use them to put up notices warning pedestrians of work ahead or businesses may use them for commercial purposes, such as hanging retail store signs.

Maintenance Repairs

剪叉式升降机可以帮助完成任何需要高空作业平台的维修或维护任务。产业工人可以用它们来检查大型机械;HVAC 技术人员可以使用它们来检查管道或空调装置;维修人员可以使用它们来修复天花板损坏。

Scissor lifts can help with any repair or maintenance task that requires an aerial work platform. Industrial workers may use them to check large machinery; HVAC technicians may use them to inspect pipes or A/C units; and maintenance workers may use them to repair ceiling damage.



Warehouses make use of scissor lifts for all kinds of tasks. Scissor lifts offer a safe way to streamline inventory processes, including loading and unloading pallets and lifting and retrieving heavy goods from shelves. Scissor lifts can also be used for other general tasks in the warehouse such as changing light fixtures and hanging signs.

Recording & Filming Events


Creative productions also make use of scissor lifts. For example, in the media or film industries scissor lifts can help photographers or videographers capture an event from a different angle. Artists may also use them when they need a boost for big projects like high murals or tall sculptures.


How to Choose a Scissor Lift?


The right scissor lift for your jobsite depends on a number of factors, including lift size (both platform height and lift capacity), type of work area you will be in, and what kind of task you will be performing. When choosing a scissor lift, consider the following:

  • 工作高度:首先,考虑您工作的高度要求。剪叉式升降机高度通常为 3~14米,因此您有多种选择。

  • Working height: First, consider the height requirements of your job. With scissor lift heights typically ranging from 10 to 46 feet, you have a number of options to choose from.
  • 平台宽度:接下来,考虑您需要的平台尺寸。虽然平台有标准尺寸,但您可以选择延伸平台。如果您的工作需要更大尺寸的平台,请确保相应地调整台面载重以保持负载平衡。

  • Platform width: Next, think about the platform size you will need. While platforms come in standard sizes, you can choose an extended platform. If your job requires larger platforms, make sure to adjust your calculations accordingly to keep the loads balanced.
  • 环境类型:您工作地点的环境和地形会影响您对升降机的选择。例如,如果您在室内工作,您可能需要一台0排放和无痕轮胎的电动升降机。如果您需要在崎岖的地面上进行户外使用的剪叉式升降机,您可以选择越野全自行剪叉升降机型号。

  • Type of environment: The environment and terrain of your jobsite will affect your choice of lift. If you’re working indoors, for example, you may need an electric-powered lift with no emissions and non-marking tires. If you need a scissor lift for outdoor use on rough ground, you may opt for a Off-road model.
  • 负载能力:另一个关键考虑因素是举升能力。您需要考虑升降机需要容纳的货物、工具和工人。如果您打算运送多名工人或重物,您可能需要寻找重型剪叉式升降机。

  • Load capacity: Another key consideration is lift capacity. You need to account for the goods, tools, and workers that the lift needs to accommodate. If you plan to carry multiple workers or heavy loads, you may want to look for a heavy-duty scissor lift.
  • 工作任务类型:最后,考虑您需要执行的任务类型。天花板高度的工作可能需要更高的升降平台,而仓库工作可能会优先考虑可操作性而不是高度。

  • Type of work task: Finally, think about the type of task you need to perform. Ceiling work may require a higher lift platform while warehouse work might prioritize maneuverability over height.


Example Scissor Lift Specifications


To put these considerations into practice, take a look at the following comparisons between scissor lift options.

  • 3米电动剪叉式升降机:由于该升降机不产生任何排放,因此非常适合室内环境。它可以协助工人完成标牌悬挂、天花板工作以及各种安装和维修工作等任务,是狭小空间或越过障碍物的最佳选择。

  • 10-foot electric scissor lift: Because it produces no emissions, this lift is ideal for indoor environments. It can assist workers with tasks like sign hanging, ceiling work, and a variety of installation and repair jobs, this model make the best choice for tight spaces or going over obstacles.

  • 12米电动剪刀式升降机:这款电动升降机适用于室内和室外项目,适用于天花板维修、悬挂标牌和修剪树木等任务。虽然适合多人作业以及各种建筑和维护工作,但该型号并不是狭小空间或越过障碍物的最佳选择。

  • 40-foot electric scissor lift: Useful for both indoor and outdoor projects, this electric lift lends itself to tasks like ceiling repair, sign hanging, and tree trimming. While suitable for multiple occupants and a variety of construction and maintenance jobs, this model doesn’t make the best choice for tight spaces or going over obstacles.

  • 12米越野剪式高空作业平台:虽然其举升高度与电动型号相同,但其他因素使该选项更适合户外使用。其四轮驱动系统允许剪叉式升降机操作员操纵通过倾斜的斜坡并在需要时越野工作。虽然比电动选项更昂贵,但这种重型升降机的负载能力是其三倍,并且在广泛的工业和建筑应用中表现出色。

  • 40-foot rough-terrain scissor lift: Although it has the same lift height as the electric model, other factors make this option preferable for outdoor use. Its four-wheel-drive system allows scissor lift operators to maneuver sloped inclines and work off road if needed. While more expensive than the electric option, this heavy-duty lift has triple the load capacity and excels in extensive industrial and construction applications.

  • 16米越野剪式高空作业平台四轮驱动:对于崎岖地形的户外作业现场,这款四轮驱动高空作业平台为工人提供了稳定的作业基础。联锁支撑梁允许多个使用者使用该平台并安全地完成高海拔任务。该升降机的合适应用包括户外维护、建筑和工业项目。

  • 52-foot rough-terrain scissor lift 4WD: For outdoor jobsites on uneven terrain, this four-wheel-drive lift provides a stable base for workers. The interlocking support beams allow multiple occupants to use the platform and to safely complete tasks at high elevations. Suitable applications for this lift include outdoor maintenance, construction, and industrial projects.


Types of Scissor Lifts


Both electric and rough-terrain scissor lifts can lift multiple workers to elevated heights, but the similarities end there. Below we cover the differences between these two types of scissor lifts.


  • 电动剪式高空作业平台:电动剪式高空作业平台安静、机动性强、零排放,在表面水平的室内环境中表现出色。他们适合窗户清洁、固定装置安装和建筑维修等项目。

  • Electric scissor lift: Quiet, maneuverable machines with zero emissions, electric scissor lifts excel in indoor environments with level surfaces. They lend themselves to projects like window cleaning, fixture installation, and building repairs.

  • 越野式剪式高空作业平台:崎岖地形剪式高空作业平台是户外工业和建筑应用的绝佳选择。如果您的项目涉及不平坦的表面或越野需求,四轮驱动型号就可以满足您的要求。

  • Rough-terrain scissor lift: Rough terrain scissor lifts make a great choice for outdoor industrial and construction applications. If your project involves uneven surfaces or off-road navigation, these four-wheel-drive models fit the bill.


Scissor Lift vs. Boom Lift


While scissor lifts and boom lifts both provide access to elevated work areas, the two machines move differently and serve different purposes. Boom lifts elevate workers in a small bucket or compact platform using a hydraulic lift system. Unlike scissor lifts, boom lifts can move both horizontally and vertically. Choosing between a scissor lift and a boom lift depends on the nature of your project and the limitations of your worksite.


  • 到达高度:臂式高空作业平台比剪式高空作业平台可以到达更高的高度。事实上,伸缩臂式高空作业平台的最大伸展高度可能是剪叉式高空作业平台的四倍多。

  • Reach height: Boom lifts can reach greater heights than scissor lifts. In fact, telescopic boom lifts may have a maximum reach height of more than four times that of a scissor lift.

  • 方向:剪式高空作业平台只能上下移动,而臂式高空作业平台可以垂直和水平移动。许多动臂高空作业平台底座可以让工人 360 度旋转,而铰接式动臂高空作业平台还具有绕过障碍物的额外能力。

  • Direction: While scissor lifts can only go up and down, boom lifts can move both vertically and horizontally. Many boom lift bases can rotate workers 360 degrees, and articulating boom lifts have the added capacity to go around obstacles.

  • 平台容量:动臂式高空作业平台的卓越移动性限制了它们可以承载的重量。虽然动臂式高空作业平台最多可承载230公斤的重量,但某些剪式高空作业平台可承载的重量是四倍以上,达到 1吨。

  • Platform capacity: The superior mobility of boom lifts limits the amount of weight they can carry. While boom lifts can carry up to 500 pounds, some scissor lifts can hold over four times that amount at 2,250 pounds.

  • 地形:配备坚固轮胎的柴油动臂式高空作业平台可以在不平坦、有车辙和岩石的室外表面行驶。同样,一些剪叉式升降机还配备了四轮驱动和柴油发动机,使它们能够在崎岖的地形上工作。

  • Terrain: Diesel boom lifts equipped with rugged tires can navigate uneven, rutted, and rocky outdoor surfaces. Similarly, some scissor lifts also come with four-wheel-drive and diesel engines that allow them to work on rough terrain.

  • 价格:臂式高空作业平台的成本往往高于剪式高空作业平台。根据举升高度的不同,价格也不尽相同。

  • Price: Boom lifts tend to cost more than scissor lifts. The prices vary depending on the lifting height.


Do You Need Certification to Use a Scissor Lift?


A special operation license is required.


The "Special Operation Catalog" includes: high-altitude operations, which are special operations; the content requirements of the "Safety Technical Training and Assessment Management Regulations for Special Operators": Operators who drive and use mobile high-altitude work platforms (vehicles) need to understand the "High-altitude Operations" "Safety Technical Training Outline and Assessment Standards for Installation, Maintenance, and Dismantling Workers" on the assessment points for mobile high-altitude work platforms (vehicles). After special safety technical training and passing the assessment, obtain the "Special Operations Operation Certificate of the People's Republic of China" 》 (that is, special operation operation certificate) before starting work.


Scissor Lift Safety

尽管剪叉式升降机被认为是相对安全和稳定的机器,但工人必须始终遵循安全操作程序,以防止事故和伤害。职业安全与健康管理局 (OSHA) 和美国国家标准协会 (ANSI) 制定了以下剪叉式升降机操作的关键安全指南:

Although scissor lifts are considered relatively safe and stable machines, workers must always follow safe operating procedures to prevent accidents and injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) have established the following key safety guidelines for scissor lift operation:

  • 剪叉式升降机必须有护栏。为了防止跌倒,员工在使用前必须检查护栏系统是否就位且状况良好。他们还必须确保只站在平台上(切勿站在护栏上),并避免在平台上倾斜太多。

  • Scissor lifts must have guardrails. To prevent falls, employees must check that a guardrail system is in place and in good condition prior to use. They must also make sure to stand only on the platform (and never on the guardrails) and avoid leaning too far over the platform.

  • 操作前剪式举升机必须稳定。员工必须将剪式举升机放置在坚固、水平的表面上,远离潜在危险,以稳定剪式举升机。在户外使用电梯时,仅在风速低于12.5米/秒(6级风)的安全天气条件下进行。最后,工人应确保遵循制造商的安全升降机移动说明。

  • Scissor lifts must be stable before operating. Employees must stabilize scissor lifts by placing them on firm, level surfaces away from potential hazards. When using lifts outdoors, do so only in safe weather conditions with wind speeds lower than 28 miles per hour. Finally, workers should make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe lift movement.

  • 剪式举升机必须正确定位。如果放置不当,剪式举升机可能会造成触电和挤压危险。选择距离电源至少 10 英尺且没有任何头顶危险(如树枝和门框)的工作地点。在其他工作场所危险区域(例如固定物体或移动机器)附近放置或操作剪叉式升降机时要小心。确保采取交通管制措施,防止其他车辆或人员距离移动的电梯太近。

  • Scissor lifts must be positioned correctly. Scissor lifts can pose electrocution and crushing hazards if positioned improperly. Select work locations at least 10 feet away from power sources and without any overhead hazards (like branches and door frames). Pay attention when positioning or operating a scissor lift near other workplace hazards like fixed objects or moving machines. Make sure to take traffic control measures to prevent other vehicles or people from getting too close to a moving lift.


Need to Buy a Scissor Lift


If your project calls for an elevated work platform, we have a variety of scissor lift to fit your needs. Ranging from 10 feet to 52.5 feet, our scissor lifts come in narrow, wide, indoor, outdoor, electric, and diesel options to meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for an emissions-free indoor lift or need a heavy-duty model that can handle rough terrain, we have the scissor lift to help you get the job done.

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